Meet Mark, Your Sign Guru.

Murfreesboro’s most experienced signage guru, Mark Hooper has been working in and with signs for over 30 years. We’re convinced he’s the most capable guy around at helping you figure out just exactly what you need in terms of signage. If you think you know what you’re wanting, but need some final guidance, call him now.

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We’ve been blessed to work with thousands of satisfied clients over the years.
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They make their clients feel like family. They take you personally. We have never felt like just another customer. Wax Family Printing genuinely cares about our organization and they consistently ask, “How can we serve you?” “What can we do to help you?” We don’t consider them a vendor, Wax is a true partner in our organization’s mission. We appreciate their team so much!

Courtney - Wax Family Printing Client

When the launch of our organization was unexpectedly moved up from October to August, the team at Wax Family Printing was a lifesaver! We had very tight deadlines and much content to build to market our first event, yet they were able to deliver a high-quality product in LESS time than promised. Their professionalism went beyond good business to one of advocate and partner. I can wholeheartedly recommend Wax for any printing or marketing needs you may have.

Renée - Wax Family Printing Client

The personalized attention that is given to each project expresses the overall desire of this company for outstanding quality assurance to its clients. You know that you are in good hands with WAX when they are managing your print sources. There is a “kindness” exemplified even in those who make the deliveries to our office, that you don’t normally experience.

Marilyn - Wax Family Printing Client

Sign, Sold, Delivered


Our graphic design team and our wide format equipment are the perfect storm for a quick turn around. If it’s signage and you want it, chances are we can make it happen.


Vinyl banner material, corrugated plastic, sintra/PVC, foam board, aluminum, table cloth, parchment, canvas, gator board. There’s a world of materials to choose from!


All you have to do is let us know when and where, and we’ll be there! Indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter to us.

Why Latex?

The natural advantages to latex printing over solvent printing: No dry time required. The UV cured finish has a 3 year lifetime expectancy (even without laminate! With laminate, you can expect 5+ years). There is no odor (so it’s good to go in basically any indoor environment as well as outdoor). Square foot for square foot, Latex is more than 50% more cost effective than solvent printers. The machines require less maintenance and auto clean, so we can pass those cost savings on to our clients. Latex is the direction the industry is heading, and we’re happy to be a leading character in that trend. We proudly operate the HP Latex 360, and are excited for you to experience the superior quality and performance that HP provides.

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