About Us

We are a team comprised of talented individuals
working together to better serve our clients & each other.

  • History
    With 50 years on the books, we’ve seen many great employees come and go. Today, we feel convinced that this team is our most experienced and most capable work force to date.
  • Values
    Our desire is to serve others as we’d like to be served. We believe that if we operate to this standard, at the end of the day we’ll be able to sleep well and rest in a good day’s work.
  • Culture
    A safe work environment with a relaxed atmosphere, where diversity and creativity are encouraged, is key to thriving employees. We’ve seen the evidence that a happy, content workforce delivers quality products and services.
Kevin Wax
General Manager
Weston Wax
Director of Sales
Ginny Pearcy
Customer Service Representative
Mark Hooper
Sign Guru
Rhonda Wax
Fernando Greene
Designer Extraordinaire
Steve Richardson
Press Operator
Greg Batey
Bindery & Mailing Coordinator
Ken Hochstetler
Account Representative
Josh Rowe
Graphic Designer

Wax Family Printing by the Numbers


The number of clients we served last year alone. From non-profits to banks, churches to start-up businesses, and everything in between, there’s nothing we can’t print, design, or mail.


The year it all began. Great Grandpa Wax had presses and bindery equipment on rolling wheels in the garage. Grandpa Wax (Kevin) was doing typeset work in his bedroom, and Papa Wax (Weston) wasn’t even a twinkle in his dad’s eye yet…


The number of years of experience represented by our team members. We have been doing this for a very a long time. Degrees are great. Experience is better. Degrees + experience = Wax.